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We recommend inviting people you really trust as your trustee. This could be a family member or a really close friend. Trustees are essential as they will be the ones delegating your messages to your intended recipient.

You can have up to 2 trustees. We recommend 2. This will ensure your messages will be delivered if something were to happen to the other trustee.

A trustee is a person you have chosen to be responsible for advising Lazarus when you are gone and delegating your messages to your recipients. You can choose up to two trustees.

To remove someone's trustee status, go to My Trustees > Edit > Delete trustee.

Once you are logged into Lazarus, you can add a new trustee on your dashboard, or go to the "My Trustees" tab, and click "Add a trustee". After you have added a trustee, they will receive an invitation email to confirm whether they want to accept this responsibility or not.

Before you send out the invitation email, you can preview and customise your invitation message. Once you send out the trustee invitation, the trustee will receive an email immediately.

After you are gone, the trustees will report your death to Lazarus. Once we confirm you are gone, we will send a download link to your trustees and it will contain all your messages, instructions and files.

Yes, you can see the status of your trustee invitation on your dashboard once you are logged in. You will receive an email notification when a trustee accepts or rejects your invitation.

You should report this to us ASAP through "Trustee Access", so we can release the user's messages. Please report to Lazarus by clicking the link below.

Trustee Access

Please contact the user who invited you if you wish to remove your trustee status.

When a user passes away, it is up to the trustees to tell Lazarus. Please see below for a step by step guide:

Step 1
Trustee reports user's death to Lazarus on our website. Click here for link.

Step 2
User will receive an email, and has 48 hours to reply to Lazarus.

Step 3
If the user does not respond within 48 hours by clicking on the link in the email, Lazarus will send all the user's messages and files to the Trustees.

Please note, during the 48 hours, the trustees can also revoke the action if this was done by mistake. Simply click the link in the email you received after reporting the user's death.