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My messages

A message is a file that can include Video, Audio, Photos and text.

You can add a new message by logging into your account, and go to "My Messages", then "Create message".

To delete a message, go to your messages and click on "edit", and then "delete message".

While you are creating your message, you can upload files by adding files under "Upload files".

Yes, every message can have multiple recipients so you don't have to create the same message over and over again. Your messages can also have a mixture of trustees and recipients.

Once Lazarus has verified that you have passed away, your Trustees will be given access to your messages and files so that they can begin the process of following through with your final wishes.

Yes you can. Go to your messages and click on "edit" to edit your messages.

While Lazarus doesn't limit the type of files you can upload, we recommend uploading video, audio, and pdf files to your messages. If you have a special file type, your recipient might not have the program to open the file unless you also include instructions.

Your recipient will receive the messages you have written for them, as well as all your attached files.